Striving for perfection

The benefits of Tidal Power are clear – predictable, green energy plus an inexhaustible source of energy that can automatically be relayed into the grid.

Water is considered to have a higher energy density than other renewable energy forms, which makes it possible to generate electricity even at low speeds. With Tidal turbines around 80% efficiency offers an output – much higher than solar or wind generators.

Detractors of Tidal Energy point out that, typically, existing tidal generators produce power for only about 10 hours of the day, when the tide is moving in and out. TPGen24 addresses that problem, allowing energy production for 24 hours a day. It achieves this by supplementing the main tidal lagoons with additional innovative measures to top up lagoons as and when required to ensure maximum power output ( By Stuart Murphy, TPGen24).

Running at maximum efficiency, recent calculations predict that a single TPGen24 system can supply enough energy to provide power to 1 million homes in one calendar year – a huge upsurge in power output when compared to other tidal lagoon systems. (Computational Fluid Dynamics report, Navier 2020)