Data Predicts Vast Output

Navier Flow Consultants – a leading UK-based independent specialist in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics – having assessed the feasibility of TPGen24’s ability to generate power – recently issued a report with two incredible headline findings:
– TPGen24 has the potential to deliver 9.53 TWh per year – enough to provide power to 1.86 million homes or recharge 30 million vehicles per year.
– Using a 1D model to represent the tidal lagoon concept in Flownex SE (a commercial 1D network modelling code) TPGen24 could generate power for 24 hours in a day – a vision long considered the ‘Holy Grail’ in Tidal renewables.
A combination of design innovations allows TPGen24 to generate power around the clock, with a mean power output of 2,200MW. The modelling shows a minimum of 499MW output on two occasions in the 24 hours cycle, but with four vast peaks evenly spaced apart on the incoming and receding tides.
To see the full findings of the report, please click on the link below. To find out more about the innovations which have led to these findings, you can request a brochure by  filling in the ‘Contact Us’ form on the bottom of the home page.