Bespoke Solutions

Over 198 countries have a coastline with about 40% of the World’s population living within 100km of the coast. With no base material or transportation costs, facts which show why Tidal energy is – and will continue to be – the “go to” source of green energy worldwide. 

Considering solutions for power generation across the globe is a complex matter. Different countries have different factors to consider, which is why TPGen24 can be tailored accordingly – either inland or out to sea.

Inland systems can be cut into the coastline. Also, TPGen24 design can be adjusted to  be built out to sea – either as individual systems, or daisy-chained according to the environment, space and shipping lanes. 

Our vow is to create clean and utterly efficient energy to power the world – whatever constraints nature will present, by assessing all the parameters we can surmount them.