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TPGen24, founded in 2015 by green entrepreneur Stuart Murphy, is a renewables research project with a focus on the advantages and potential of tidal power generation. 

TPGen24 has one, overarching goal: to develop an energy system which can produce electricity 24/7, without the intermittency of wind and solar, using the power of our oceans’ tidal ranges.

Our team passionately believes in the importance of reversing climate change and protecting the environment for future generations. A central part of our journey towards this objective is to decarbonise the grid through green energy production. TPGen24 is working towards becoming part of the solution, harnessing the potential of our greatest, untapped resource: the rise and fall of the sea.

Over the last five years, we have made considerable progress in the drive to bring concept to reality, and are currently working with experts across scientific, engineering, construction and policy disciplines to realise our ambition.

We have a prototype currently in the research and development phase, and we predict, on the current trajectory, that we will see tidal energy generation become a viable, affordable option over the next decade.

We will be launching a fully-fledged website in the Spring 2021, with a sneak preview of the latest TPGen24 plant prototype. Watch this space or follow us on social media to keep up to date with developments.

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Chicken + Egg = Hydrogen

In Utility Week’s insightful article about hydrogen capture, Stuart puts forward his perspective on the challenges facing hydrogen capture scaling, and why tidal can, and will, make it viable. To find out more: Breaking hydrogen’s ‘chicken and egg’ cycle

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